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Postgraduate research opportunities

The Institute of Psychological Sciences at the University of Leeds is committed to producing high quality psychological research. We are proud that many research careers in departments all over the world have started from postgraduate study in our institute. Our students carry out valuable research with contacts in industry and clinical settings, as well as theoretical work on behaviour.

We are recognised as world leaders in three broad research areas (Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Health & Social Psychology). Postgraduates fit into these groups (or sometimes establish new research ideas between two groups). Potential applicants are strongly advised to consult the Institute's research pages for detailed and up-to-date information about our research areas.

PhD Studentships available

"Promoting self-regulation through supporting responsive feeding in infancy"
Closing date: 15th March, 2013

PhD Awards for Improvement Science

Before you apply

If you have the required academic qualifications and you can meet the required standards in English language the next step is to find a suitable supervisor for your research project.

You should already have either an idea of the area of research or a specific proposal you wish study. To identify a research supervisor whose interests cover your area of interest/proposal please see the list of our academic staff. It is important that you identify with a supervisor (or two) and specify their name(s) on the application when you submit. You are strongly advised to contact the supervisor(s) by email and begin discussions (for example, about a particular proposal) before application.

How to apply

Formal applications for research degree study should be made on-line via the 'I want to apply' page on the Research Student Administration website. Please complete the application form as fully as you can ensuring you complete the following sections:

Please also ensure you upload or provide the following documents:

If these documents are not available, please provide them at the earliest opportunity, as we cannot usually make an offer without them. If possible, please include a CV (this will provide invaluable information as to work experience and publications) and a research proposal. And finally, please state on application form your proposed supervisor(s).


Postgraduate Tutor for Admissions is Denis McKeown, email d.mckeown@leeds.ac.uk. Institute Administrator for Admissions is Kathryn Meaney, email k.d.meaney@leeds.ac.uk, if you require assistance with applying.