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Articles from previous copies of the University of Leeds Reporter featuring research in the Institute of Psychological Sciences.

Finding the best route to healthy eating and wellbeing
Professor Louise Dye, Dr Clare Lawton and a multi-disciplinary research team including a Research Dietician and a Nutritionist from the Institute of Psychological Sciences are looking for women who want to improve their diet.

Reporter 551
June 2010

Internet 'addiction' linked to depression
People who spend a lot of time browsing the net are more likely to show depressive symptoms, according to research carried out by the Universitys Institute of Psychological Sciences.

Reporter 548
March 2010

Lighting up the brain
An experiment run by the Leeds Institute of Psychological Sciences suggests that exposing people to short bursts of bright light might trick the brain into becoming more alert in the afternoon.

Reporter 530
December 2007

Study tips the scales in favour of exercise
People who are overweight or obese shouldnt give up exercise even if they fail to lose much weight, according to a new study from the University of Leeds, which found the health benefits of exercise go well beyond dropping a dress size.

Reporter 529
October 2007

Double-take on dj vu
Think twice before making any assumptions about dj vu - the Institute of Psychological Sciences has a new theory about what causes this unsettling phenomenon.

Reporter 521
November 2006

Where do risk-takers draw the line?
Risk-takers are often considered more optimistic and impulsive people but Leeds researchers are using an online survey to find out whether risk-taking is a general personality trait.

Reporter 519
September 2006

How much is too much? - from the pub to the web
The countrys first interactive website to help students cut down on alcohol has launched at Leeds. If successful, it could be rolled out across the UK and beyond.

Reporter 514
February 2006

Giving dj vu a second look
Psychologists from Leeds memory group are working with sufferers of chronic déjà vu on the worlds first study of the condition.

Reporter 513
January 2006

'Sound icons' to warn drivers of hazards
Researchers have subjected volunteers to the sounds of cockerels, bells, babies crying and footsteps to find out how people perceive urgency and pleasantness.

Reporter 497
March 2004

Diet, exercise, genes, culture or reflexes? Leeds research into why we're putting on the pounds
Research at Leeds is looking at a range of possible causes [of obesity], bringing together dieticians, psychologists, health professionals, neuroscientists and nutritionists to improve both prevention and treatment.

Reporter 492
September 2003

Feeling hungry? Leeds psychologists pose the 64,000 calorie question
A team of psychologists, led by Professor John Blundell, are exploring the tastes and appetites of Leeds people.

Reporter 409
November 1997

Seeing the light
Industry and the emergency services rely on night workers who represent an estimated 20 percent of the UK work force. A unique 'light lab' is tackling the problems faced by the country's night shift.

Review 2
Autumn 1997

Bright light is the clue to a good night's sleep
Pioneering research by a Leeds psychologist is demonstrating how exposure to bright light while working at night can improve the concentration of shift workers and help them sleep better during the day.

Reporter 405
June 1997