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Web-based questionnaires

Web based questionnaires have the advantages of ease of distribution (just distribute the web address), and ease of processing the results (they accumulate in an SPSS-ready format). These pages describe our in-house facility but you may also wish to explore alternative methods.

The procedure for mounting your questionnaire on our Psychology website comprises three stages:

Stage 1: provide the details
Address. The questionnaire will have an address of the form www.psyc.leeds.ac.uk/q/xxx, in which you provide a name to replace the xxx, eg, www.psyc.leeds.ac.uk/q/exercise.
Source file. This is a text file describing the content and layout of the questionnaire - its title, introduction and questions.
Look and feel. By default, your questionnaire will look like the basic example - the typeface will be Arial, the title and section headings will be bold with a blue background, etc. If you would like something different please indicate this.
Password. The questionnaire results, together with instructions for downloading them into SPSS, will be displayed on the web at www.psyc.leeds.ac.uk/qresults. To maintain confidentiality they are protected by a password which you provide.
When you have created a source file, you can preview it to see roughly what it will look like on the web. Once you are satisfied with the source file, send it with the rest of the above details to the web manager, psyc-webman@leeds.ac.uk, who will process it into your questionnaire.

Stage 2: Check and test the questionnaire
You will be informed once the questionnaire is on the web. Please check it for errors and then test it by filling it in a few times and viewing the results in SPSS. If there are several conditions and/or pathways through the questionnaire, please test all combinations.

Stage 3: Go live!
Once you are satisfied that the questionnaire is running correctly, inform the web manager again so that your test results can be deleted. You may then distribute the address to your participants. Please check the results again after a few "real" participants have completed the study.